Georgian Bay

Hello and welcome to the best place to live in south central Ontario, in my humble opinion! I grew up cottaging at the north end of Tiny Township and my goal was always to do what I needed to do in order to retire here after my teaching career. I feel very grateful and fortunate to be able to live and work in this area, realizing my dream well before ‘retirement’, which will now never happen! And that’s a good thing! My passion for the people, real estate and four season recreational and residential amenities in Southern Georgian Bay makes me want to be involved in helping people invest in the Midland and surrounding areas of Penetang, Tiny and Tay for life!

I like to brag that I don’t need to travel south of Midland for any of my needs. I personally find that the community leaders and business people in all of Midland, Penetang, Tiny and Tay are forward thinking people who truly care about building our communities and giving back. So, not only will you find outstanding commitment and service, you will find everything from niche organics to bargain basements to fine linens and décor, to professional and artistic services that would rival that of any major city. I say this with confidence as you will find many residents of Southern Georgian Bay who are one of few, and some of whom are the only ones, who are masters of their craft. Please feel free to contact me any time with your questions as I am sure I will be able to either provide you with information, or be able to arrange a meeting with a fantastic representative to assist you.

The four-season recreational amenities offered in Southern Georgian Bay, especially in the coastal areas of Tay and Tiny Townships, are second to none. With an average driving distance of 90 minutes to major south central Ontario cities, I feel very strongly that Southern Georgian Bay offers the best recreational areas around. With the soft white sand and crystal clear waters of the west coast of Tiny Township, I feel that some of our beaches rival that of the Caribbean. And for a real treat, check out the often secluded shored of Christian, Hope and Beckwith Islands. You may not believe you are in Canada! Over and over again, long-term resident jet setters will tell me, “I have traveled the world, and you just can’t beat Georgian Bay!”

In Midland, Penetang and Tay, you can enjoy deep water access for your boating pleasures; with a variety of marinas and services for all your needs. All major waterways connect to Lake Huron so we really are a gateway to the world! We also offer the closest deep water access north of Toronto!

If you are a land lubber, we are host to many trail systems for hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and more. There are many diverse ecosystems to explore from rocky and elevated terrain, to forest paths and beautiful winter white ‘highways’ connecting you to hundreds of miles of trails and different routes to explore. With protected forests and marsh areas like Tiny and Wye Marshes, and the many conservation organizations in play in the Southern Georgian Bay area, we monitor and care about our ecosystems, and for this I am very proud and grateful.

Well, if I haven’t yet convinced you, please feel free to fire off questions to me at any time and I will be happy to show you how Midland, Penetang, Tiny or Tay may be a good fit for you and accommodate your wishes and needs. There is so much more to explore…art, culture, Francophone festivals and more! So, what are you waiting for? Walk along the shore and see million dollar sunsets galore – see you at the beach!